SBR History

Sekhet Bast Ra Ordo Templi Orientis found its start unofficially in late 1983 when Frater yh returned to Oklahoma at the end of his military service. He had been
initiated into the Minerval, First and Second Degrees of the O.T.O. by Hymenaeus Alpha. On his return he received permission to start an official O.T.O. body in
Oklahoma and a charter to initiate up to the Second Degree. The small meetings at this time laid many foundations for the future of SBR.
In August of 1984, with nine Minerval candidates, Sekhet Bast Ra was granted Camp status as a satellite body of Thelema Lodge in Berkeley, California. The master
of the Camp at this time was Frater yh. Frater yh and Soror vh performed these first Minerval initiations on August 11. In December of that year, Sekhet Bast Ra
celebrated its first public Gnostic Mass, continuing with regular performance of the Mass despite having to move the temple location several times. During 1985, Fr.
Yh received his Third Degree, and the charter to initiate to that degree.
The success and reputation of the body had been quite secured, and on June 20, 1987 e.v., Sekhet Bast Ra was granted Lodge status with the Second and Third
Degree Initiations performed on July 25, and July 24 respectively. The growth of SBR brought initiators from California with the first Fourth Degree, P.I., K.E.W. initiations
in Oklahoma. Many of the candidates from this time period went on to start their own bodies, heralding a great growth within the O.T.O. for the Southwest,
Midwest and Plains States.
On May 4, 1993, e.v., joint control of charter for Sekhet Bast Ra and charter to initiate was passed to Frater Hunahpu and Soror Ixel Balamke, returning SBR to Oasis
status. With renewed activity, SBR finished off its first full cycle as an Oasis with the production of Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis which began in January of 1993
e.v.. Initiations increased in frequency, and the few years that followed saw great change and evolution for the O.T.O. in Oklahoma.
During 1995 e.v., Sekhet Bast Ra was equipped to perform regular baptisms and confirmations, and in May of 1995, ordained the first Deacon of both SBR and
Oklahoma. These years saw an increase in public awareness with a homepage launched on the World Wide Web in January 1996 e.v. gaining many an ally in the
local and national Thelemic community.
On April 19, 1997 e.v., the Electoral College again bestowed Lodge status to Sekhet Bast Ra. By 2002 e.v., the Lodge was under the sole mastership of Soror Ixel Balamke
and the EGC Sanctuary had multiple Deacons as well as Priests and Priestesses regularly celebrating the Gnostic Mass.
In October of 2003 e.v., Sekhet Bast Ra passed the chair to its fourth master, Soror AHBH, and was again classified and chartered as an Oasis.
In 2005, e.v., Sekhet Bast Ra celebrated the opening of its public sanctuary, with space for the Gnostic Mass as well as ample bookshelves and space for classes and
discussions and initiations.
In October 2009 e.v., shortly after Sekhet Bast Ra celebrated its 25 year anniversary as an O.T.O. Body, the mastership chair was passed to Soror IMMEIV. With regular
public celebration of the Gnostic Mass as well as monthly classes and discussions, Sekhet Bast Ra continues to enjoy a reputation of hospitality and quality.
In April of 2012 e.v., the mastership chair was passed to Frater SV. He continued the tradition of offering public performances of the Gnostic Mass, classes and operating
SBR as a beacon of Thelema in the state of Oklahoma.
In August of 2014 e.v., Sekhet Bast Ra Oasis celebrated its 30 year Anniversary with a banquet, an appearance by Lon Milo DuQuette and a midnight Gnostic Mass
among other events.
In October of 2014 e.v., Fr. Zosimos assumed the Mastership chair. He continues to keep Sekhet Bast Ra alive and well.