What Is Thelema?

OTO is founded on the principles of the Law of Thelema. Thelema is the Greek word for “Will,” and the Law of Thelema is encapsulated in a few short sentences “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” “Love is the law, love under will.”

These sentences are taken from the Book of the Law, which Aleister Crowley received as a revelation of the New Aeon in 1904 at his hotel room in Cairo. The Book of the Law proclaims a new law of human freedom–and responsibility. In the New Aeon–the Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child–the will of the individual takes its rightful place. It is declared that each person is to find and to do their own True Will.

The¬†True Will is not to be considered identical to the whims and desires of the moment. Rather, every person has a Will that is central to their life–but may be hidden behind clouds of self-deception. The individual may find themselves buffeted to and fro by the vicissitudes of life. It is the goal of OTO to proclaim the Law of Thelema from the rooftops and assist its members in finding and doing their Will.

OTO does not know, and does not care what that Will may be. It is enough for us to help individuals find their way.